How To Wash Your Car At A Self Service Car Wash

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Pollution is rising these days to Self-Service Car Wash. This is due to the growing industrialization and advancement in technologies.

Do you want to contribute towards controlling pollution and going a little environmentally friendly in your routine? Do you own a car? And do you get it cleaning with the conventional cleaning method? Have you tried steam car wash? Not yet?

This page will make you aware of the self-service steam car wash, an eco-friendly approach, and its benefits. Let’s contribute little to saving the earth and steam car wash for our vehicles.

What is a self-service steam car wash?

Self Detailing Car Wash

A self detailing car wash is an environment-friendly method that is used to clean the interiors and the exteriors of cars and other vehicles. Hot steam is used to clean the cars. It produces no pollutants. It utilizes a small amount of water which is converted into a jet stream of steam which helps in cleaning all the inside-out surfaces of the cars.

Self-service steam car wash utilizes very little water and produces little or no pollutants hence it is considered one of the best and environment-friendly car washing methods. This method of car washing utilizes less water, making it different from the conventional water car washing wherein small amount of water wastage and runoff is noticed.

And not just this, it helps in desensitizing and getting all the bacteria, viruses, and germs off your vehicle. It can be used to clean the AC vents and even the deep corners of your cars. Steam bearing in vapor form reaches the untouchable surfaces and even the curves of the interiors killing all the germs, bacteria and removing the dirt as well.

Now you must have understood that a steam car wash method is a two in one method wherein you not only clean your car but also can be used for car sensitization as well. It can destroy most of the bacteria and the germs that may cause health issues and along with this, you can even clean the surfaces and the parts that are difficult to reach like the AC vent, armrest, and the cupholder.

Benefits of self-service steam car wash

Detailing Car Wash

By now you must have understood the importance of steam car wash. You should also keep yourself updated with the benefits of the self-service steam car wash as well. To help you with this we have listed some of them:

• Safer for the environment.

• Can be used for all cars and other vehicles.

• It can be used for sterilization of cars giving natural effects of sterilization.

• It reaches areas that are difficult to reach.

• And most importantly, it’s an easy service.


If you have still not tried the steam car wash method, give it a try. Because of this unique style of steam cleaning, you can protect not only the interior of your car but also remove stale odors, clean the AC vents as well providing fresh air.


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